Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Big Brother/Big Sister Gift

New babies are so much fun!
Who doesn't just love giving baby gifts?

I always look forward to baby showers, mostly because I get to gift for the new baby!
I get to shop for tiny baby clothes and make sweet little baby crafts.

I love it!
Can't get enough!

When Maggie was born family and friends would come to visit and make a big fuss over our new arrival. They'd bring gifts and hold the baby. 
My older kids were so proud and excited to show off their baby sister.

Then our visitors would go home and my 3 and 4 year old would lay on the floor and throw a fit because they were jealous of our little Maggie and her new onesie or blanket or whatever the gift happened to be.

Then, one day my good friend stopped by to meet our new little princess.
But, before she held her she gave Daisey and Isaac each a gift bag filled with coloring books and crayons.

It had never occurred to me to buy a big sister/big brother gift before, but I'm telling you it is magical!
My kids eyes got all wide, they had big cheesy grins and they felt so special.

After that I actually went out and stocked up on dollar store toys.
Then after we'd have a visitor I'd pull out a special toy just for them.
It worked like a charm!

So now when I buy a baby gift I make sure to pick something up for the baby's older sibling.
It doesn't have to be anything fancy, it's just the fact that you're bringing them a present that makes them happy.

Recently my friend had a new baby girl.
{She's so cute and tiny and sweet! Squeeeeal!}

I offered to take her dinner after she got home from the hospital.
My friend's oldest son is friends with Maggie, so Maggie insisted on going grocery shopping with me and helping me make dinner.

At the store she reminded me that we needed to get something for the older kids.
I grabbed some bubbles and thought I might say something like,
 "We're bubbling with excitement over your new baby!"

But, when I got home I realized they were "Miracle" brand bubbles, so I went with
"Congratulations on your little Miracle!"

It was so cute!
The kids were so proud of their new baby sister and thrilled about their bubbles!

Then we got home and my kids were sad that I didn't buy them bubbles.

What's your favorite baby or older sibling gift to give?

Happy crafting, my friends!

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  1. Just found your blog, very entertaining. Hope the blog bug comes back to you!!

  2. Just found your blog, very entertaining. Hope the blog bug comes back to you!!

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